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Growing up requires facing life challenges that children interpret as fears, these fears evolve as the child gets older : Fear of the dark, of being alone, being rejected, disappointing, not being good enough, anger management, divorce. The stories will give tools to the young reader helping him understand the problem, relativising it and developing the child’s ressources or values. The result : Blossoming of confidence and self esteem. The first of the series speaks of fear of being judged, disappointing and making mistakes. Julia is terrorised of the idea of going on stage for her singing contest, yet she loves singing

Julia wakes up with a stomach ache although she is not sick. She has a singing contest. She is overwhelmed with fear and sadness and decides to console herself in her back yard where she meets a Robin that tries to cheer her up. He invites her to be helped by a Great Magician,
A magician that has never, ever been, I mean really, never ever been seen in any children’s tale !!!
They set off to meet him. After crawling in tunnels where glow-worms are music lovers, she discovers the magician nothing she has imagined nor read in any tales… strange machines and potions will make Julia discover much about herself that will ultimately help her overcome her fear….. under one condition. Julia will need to help this unusual magician expand his Kingdom, how can that be possible ?

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